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craft beverage

Craft Beverages

By Dawn Ferchak / February 16, 2021

From local breweries to national chains, craft beers have been a popular menu item for several years. But craftsmanship in beverages is more than beer. From Mocktails to coffee and tea, craft beverages are trending. Consumers want more choices, with quality ingredients and delicious flavors. A Growing Trend Craft spirits have come to be synonymous…

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spicy food

Keep That Heat on HIGH

By Dawn Ferchak / February 11, 2021

Consumers can’t seem to get enough heat. Spicy flavors continue to show up in cuisines worldwide, and more restaurants are incorporating international spicy flavors in their food. A Little Heat Goes a Long Way Move over, jalapeno—habanero is undergoing a resurgence in popularity. With a Scoville scale ranging from 350,000 units to 750,00 units, this…

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