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Streamlining Menus for a Covid Menu System

By Susanne Bukey / June 7, 2021

Restaurants are reducing their menus to streamline their operations during the current, ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  Trimming menus is a way to reduce restaurant complexities, costs, and help when ingredients are difficult to get. This also highlights simpler, more popular items helping to keep the brands’ identity when conserving money, and reducing waste are imperative for operators.…

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restaurant trends

Menu Innovator’s Top 100

By Susanne Bukey / May 31, 2021

If you have not had the amazing experience of entering the Menu Innovator website, now is the time. Menu Innovator provides a detailed menu analysis evaluating hundreds of restaurants and products. The goal of Menu Innovator is to provide unbiased culinary data, and market trends to assist foodservice operators and chefs in innovating new…

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artisan cheese

Artisan Cheese, The Current Food Trend Soars

By Susanne Bukey / May 24, 2021

Cheese is that magnificent food that adds that extra special creaminess, flavor, and rich mouthfeel to about any recipe. It’s what makes a meal memorable whether it be the oozing out between two slices of grilled bread, the glorious stretch on pizza, or the extra flavor, and texture on a charcuterie board.  Artisan cheeses are…

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The Pandemic Changes Everything

By Susanne Bukey / May 6, 2021

The closing of restaurants due to the pandemic was permanent for some, others are just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, while others stepped up to help their communities in any way they could. The restaurants that remained open held their own with takeout and delivery. Virtual restaurants began to…

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The Avengers to Pollution: Waste and Recycling

By Susanne Bukey / April 15, 2021

COVID 19 Takes Its Toll In 2020, the nation embraced remote work, social distancing, and wearing masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The health crisis necessitated massive shifts in American culture. As American businesses, restaurants and consumers were enthusiastically working on programs to reduce waste and carbon footprint, the pandemic put programs on hold placing a…

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invasive seafood

Invasive Seafood

By Susanne Bukey / March 30, 2021

A Wave of Opportunity Today’s seafood is bringing a new balance and opportunity to menus. Innovative combinations, global flavors, and extended species have positioned seafood in a new light. Adding to well-known varieties of this premium protein is invasive seafood. In particular, an invasive species of fish is one introduced into an environment and negatively…

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private dining

Private Dining Gains Public Interest

By Susanne Bukey / January 28, 2021

Setting the Stage Private-dining and catering is a growth sector in the food-service industry, with the promise of more progress in 2020. Restaurants are already testing different structuring/designing buildings, allowing space for events and private parties while also maintaining a comfortable dining room. Dallas and Tampa’s Ocean Prime kitchens are already equipped with new, interactive…

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kids menu

Kids Menus Take On a New Focus

By Susanne Bukey / January 13, 2021

It’s All About the Kids Kids’ meals are more important than ever for parents and restaurant operators alike. For restaurants, getting families with children at the door is a way to grow revenue.   In this multi-cultural society, parents are concerned about the nutritional health of their children. Offering a wider variety of healthy and varied…

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