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ham and egg sandwhich

Tech Companies Challenge Third-Party Delivery Services

By Tony Lagana / February 18, 2021

Complicated Convenience As the restaurant industry is rapidly evolving with the new use of third-party delivery services, there are still some hiccups. Lack of communication, process, and transparency lead to such issues, such as inaccurate orders, misunderstood/misinterpreted dishes, and late delivery times. Another large issue caused directly by third-party services is absorbent rates, sometimes taking…

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vegetable soup

Soup’s On

By Tony Lagana / February 9, 2021

Top Soups Chicken soup, the all-American comfort food, doesn’t mean only chicken noodle. With ethnic cuisine being a huge influence in our society, this includes soups such as chicken tortilla (Latin) and Asian chicken noodle soups as top sellers. For example, Booyah, popular in the Midwest, is a thick chicken and vegetable soup made in…

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Seafood Trends on The Rise

By Tony Lagana / February 4, 2021

While familiar favorites like salmon and tuna will never be off menus, consumers are consistently looking for more options. Fish like branzino, red-fish, Arctic Char, and barramundi appear on more menus, and octopus is now the fastest-growing shellfish mentioned. Clearly, US seafood palates are expanding, and restaurants should keep a close eye on the trends. …

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italian cuisine

Spiaggia, Chicago, IL (Italian)

By Tony Lagana / January 27, 2021

Chef Eric Lees just took over the helm of the Spiaggia kitchen as its new Executive Chef from the former longtime Chef, Joe Flamm. Chef Lees grew up in Minnesota and has been no stranger to the fine dining culinary scene. Upon moving to Chicago, Lees worked at the famed Quince restaurant, which has contributed…

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wolfgang puck

Spago, Maui, HI (New American)

By Tony Lagana / January 25, 2021

Who is not familiar with famed celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck who has risen to the United States, amassing over 20 top fine dining restaurants, over 80 Wolfgang Express locations, catering businesses, numerous cookbooks, and television appearances? Born and raised in Austria, Puck’s love of the culinary world began at a very early age when he…

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korean cuisine

Momofuku Ssam Bar, New York City, NY (Asian)

By Tony Lagana / January 23, 2021

As the child of Korean immigrants in Virginia, Chef David Chang did not always dream of a career in the culinary arts. Deciding between professional golfing, religious studies, finance and culinary, Chang did not begin his culinary training until 2000 at the French Culinary Institute. Chang moved to Japan after his training and worked in…

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plant based diet

Meatless Goes Mainstream

By Tony Lagana / January 21, 2021

The rise of the ‘wellness movement’ is leading the way for all new sorts of diets and health concerns. Making a meal with dietary restrictions can pose a challenge when trying to replace ingredients with a standard substitute or making a dish that excludes a major food group. Chefs are reimagining dishes with dietary restrictions,…

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french cuisine

Melisse, Los Angeles, CA (French)

By Tony Lagana / January 20, 2021

As a California native, Chef Josiah Citrin developed a love of food at an early age from his caterer mother and French grandmother. After graduating High School, Citrin moved to Paris for a few years to study traditional French cuisine and techniques. During this time he gained a true appreciation for fine dining.  Upon returning…

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southern food

Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL (Southern)

By Tony Lagana / January 18, 2021

Southern food has always been in Chef Chris Hastings blood. Even as a boy in North and South Carolina, while catching and preparing fresh fish on family vacations, his love of southern cuisine and the culinary arts was strengthening. After spending a few years in Atlanta and San Francisco as Sous Chef for various restaurants,…

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wolfgang puck

Cut Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV (Steakhouse)

By Tony Lagana / January 9, 2021

Born in Carinthia, Austria, Chef Wolfgang Puck learned to love cooking from a very young age from his mother who was a successful pastry chef. He completed his training in Monaco and moved to the United States at the age of 24, working at La Tour in Indianapolis before moving to Los Angeles, where he…

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