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11 Technologies that Save Restaurants Time and Money

By Chef Tony Lagana / December 3, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected industries of all sizes worldwide, but perhaps none has been more impacted than the restaurant and foodservice industry. The effect of this pandemic on the restaurant industry isn’t short-term, and even as we begin to see eateries reopening, things will look different for quite some time. Restaurant industry profit margins…

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Coi, San Francisco, CA (French)

By Chef Tony Lagana / December 2, 2020

Chicago native, Chef Erik Anderson, is new to Coi, having taken the Executive Chef position upon the recent resignation of Chef Matthew Kirkley. Chef Anderson brings an esteemed resume to Coi with years of experience in restaurants such as The French Laundry, Noma, and the Catbird Seat. Upon taking the role, Anderson worked side by…

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Aureole, Las Vegas, NV (New American)

By Chef Tony Lagana / November 27, 2020

Charlie Palmer is an American celebrity chef and restaurateur who developed a love of cooking at a very young age while living in upstate New York. He developed a fondness for his parent’s vegetable garden growing up, and this translated into his commitment as a chef to utilize local, farm fresh foods in his dishes.…

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Agern, New York, NY (Seafood)

By Chef Tony Lagana / November 23, 2020

Chef Gunnar Gislason is a well-respected Nordic Chef who has gained success in numerous Iceland restaurants before moving to New York to take on the Executive Chef role of Agern. Gislason is well known in Iceland for his creative cooking style, his ability to seek out the best ingredients, and his desire to uphold traditions…

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Acquerello, San Francisco, CA (Italian)

By Chef Tony Lagana / November 21, 2020

Chef Suzette Gresham has been working as a Head Chef in San Francisco since her first role at The Donatello Hotel in 1988. Following a short stint in that role, she moved to take on the Head Chef role of Acquerello in 1989 and remains there to this day. She specializes in Italian cuisine and…

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dining experience

How Sights, Sounds, and Interactions are Shaping the Dining Experience

By Chef Tony Lagana / November 19, 2020

Julia Child once insisted “nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should”. Although Julia was referring to food and the lengths we go to prepare it, chefs are now applying this same principle to their restaurants’ environments. From this hyper-awareness of the details, we see a focus that was strictly…

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The Source by Wolfgang Puck, Washington, DC (Asian)

By Chef Tony Lagana / November 18, 2020

Born in Austria, Chef Wolfgang Puck’s love of cooking from a very young age came from his mother, a successful pastry chef. After moving to the United States at the age of 24, Puck worked at La Tour in Indiana before moving to Los Angeles where he has remained. Throughout the years, Chef Puck has…

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A Twist on Classics

By Chef Tony Lagana / August 28, 2020

Standout Dishes and Flavor Concepts; what makes the best dish? In the restaurant business, there is this constant quest to create standout dishes that keep the customers coming back for more. Two notable restaurants seem to have “found the recipe” (pun intended) for creating the best chicken. Featured in September’s Media Spotlight, both start by…

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Canlis, Seattle, WA (Seafood)

By Chef Tony Lagana / July 20, 2020

Canlis is a family business. Originally opened by Peter Canlis in 1950, the goal was to create a restaurant that felt like home. After many years, and three generations later, Mark and Brian Canlis have made it their mission to keep Canlis the same as it has been throughout the years; a restaurant where people…

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Capitalizing on the Limited-Time Offer

By Chef Tony Lagana / July 13, 2020

Limited time offers normally appear on national chain restaurant menus. You see them advertised on TV commercials all of the time. Whether it’s a shrimp sampler at a seafood chain or all you can eat pasta, these menus are often so popular that they are brought back once a year. And each year, customers expect…

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