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The Rising of the Phoenix, Restaurants Rise from the Ashes of COVID-19

By Tony Lagana / June 17, 2020

Restrictions are Lifted As stay at home orders are lessening and our country is opening back up from the coronavirus, consumers are excited and cautious about getting back to visiting their favorite restaurants, retail stores, and friends. Dining out is rated as one of the top three occasions to look forward to, along with being…

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Budget-friendly Beverage Trends

By Tony Lagana / June 12, 2020

Finding Profit In Beverages Today, the beverage menu is expanding as coffee, botanical, and dessert-based drinks continue to grow and evolve. Perhaps one of our favorite parts of this beverage trend is the profitability that it brings. As consumers are seeking non-alcoholic mixed drinks to accompany their meals, and the ability to replace liquors with…

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Bourbon Steak, Scottsdale, AZ (Steakhouse)

By Tony Lagana / June 10, 2020

Born in Egypt and raised in Washington, Chef Michael Mina began working in the culinary industry in his teens, and it was during his first year of college, working in the Space Needle restaurant in Washington State that he gained the exposure he needed to make the decision to pursue full-time culinary training. Since those…

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ABC Kitchen, New York, NY (Eclectic)

By Tony Lagana / June 4, 2020

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has established himself as one of American’s most famous Chefs and Restaurateurs. Beginning his love of food in his early years in France, Vongerichten trained and worked in France, and Asia. It was during his time working in Asia that he embraced and developed a passion for Eastern flavor. To this day,…

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Le Cirque, Las Vegas, NV (French)

By Tony Lagana / June 1, 2020

In 1974, Sirio Maccioni opened the first Le Cirque restaurant in New York City, combining colorful circus décor with delicious French cuisine. Le Cirque launched careers of illustrious chefs such as Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, Alex Stratta and Geoffrey Zakarian. With its additional location at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, reservations are hard to come…

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La Grenouille, New York, NY (French)

By Tony Lagana / May 28, 2020

No other restaurant in New York captures the glamourous aura of France like La Grenouille.  In business since the early 1960’s, La Grenouille is famous for its delicious French cuisine and its fresh flowers delivered daily.  Founded in 1962 by the Masson family, the restaurant has hosted numerous celebrities.  Upstairs above La Grenouile, Antoine de…

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Poogan’s Porch, Charleston, SC (Southern)

By Tony Lagana / May 22, 2020

As the chef/owner of Poogan’s Porch, Daniel Doyle’s passion is resourcing meat, produce, and grains from Charleston and its surrounding areas. Poogan’s Porch is Charleston’s oldest independent culinary establishments. Chef Doyle began visiting Poogan’s Porch during his childhood family vacations. He attended Johnson & Wales University where he received a degree in Culinary Arts and…

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The COVID-19 Virus, Survive and Thrive

By Tony Lagana / May 20, 2020

Our daily routines in America have changed radically as the COVID-19 pandemic has invaded our cities and towns. It seemed as if overnight our lives have been turned upside down. Every state has enacted some type of stay at home policy closing schools, non-essential businesses, restaurants, and bars. Social distancing has become the norm eliminating…

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The Keto-Friendly Kraze

By Tony Lagana / May 13, 2020

The ketogenic diet (keto) is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Outside of its use in medicine, the trend has caught on for those who want to lose weight. Consumers who follow a Keto diet…

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Craft, New York, NY (New American)

By Tony Lagana / May 12, 2020

Chef Tom Colicchio is best known for his work on Bravo Network’s “Top Chef” but he has been part of the New York restaurant scene since he originally co-founded Gramercy Tavern with Danny Meyer in 1994. In 2001, he opened his first Craft restaurant. In 2002 he opened his first CraftSteak in Las Vegas and…

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