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By Tony Lagana / June 19, 2019

Cosme, New York, NY (Latin) Chef: Enrique Olvera Enrique Olvera is a Mexican Chef who quickly became widely recognized in America after his appearance on Season Two of the Netflix documentary, Chef’s Table. Both classically trained and experienced in gastronomy, Olvera strives to take centuries-old Mexican traditions, infusing them with a modern vibe, locally sourced,…

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By Tony Lagana / June 18, 2019

Daniel, New York, NY (French) Chef: Daniel Boulud Chef Daniel Boulud spent his childhood on his family’s farm in Lyon, France. It was here that he developed a fondness for cooking with local, seasonal ingredients. Incorporating seasonal produce and other local ingredients is a practice that he continues in his work today. Classically trained in…

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Gary Danko

By Tony Lagana / June 17, 2019

Gary Danko, San Francisco, CA (Eclectic) Chef: Gary Danko Gary Danko is one of America’s most widely respected Chefs and has dedicated his life to culinary pursuits. Skilled in classic French cooking techniques, Danko incorporates French, Mediterranean, and American styles into his cooking. Danko has also always made the commitment to using locally sourced ingredients…

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Jean Georges

By Tony Lagana / June 16, 2019

Jean Georges, New York, NY (French) Chef: Jean Georges Vongerichten Jean Georges Vongerichten is one of the most awarded and famous chefs of our time, with multiple James Beard awards to his name, and Two Michelin Stars for his flagship restaurant, Jean Georges. Highly experienced in traditional French cooking, Vongerichten spent many years in Asia,…

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By Tony Lagana / June 15, 2019

Manresa, Los Gatos, CA (Latin) Chef: David Kinch David Kinch is a highly distinguished American Chef who has worked to bring himself to the forefront of contemporary cuisine in California. Kinch is the winner of three Michelin Stars, the James Beard Award winner for Best Chef in America, Pacific Region, and Four Stars from the…

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By Tony Lagana / June 14, 2019

McCrady’s, Charleston, SC (Southern) Chef: Sean Brock Sean Brock is a highly regarded Chef known for his expertise in Southern Cuisine. He is not only respected for his ability to create delicious meals, but also for spending a good majority of his career studying the South and striving to honor Southern traditions with the food…

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Michael Mina CA

By Tony Lagana / June 13, 2019

Michael Mina CA, San Francisco, CA (Eclectic) Chef: Michael Mina Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Washington, Celebrity Chef, Michael Mina believes that there are four elements that all cooking should revolve around; acidity, sweetness, spice, and fat. When these elements can play off one another, they create what Mina calls a “dish that…

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Minibar by Jose Andres DC

By Tony Lagana / June 12, 2019

Minibar by Jose Andres DC, Washington, DC (Latin) Chef: Jose Andres Jose Andres is a highly awarded chef widely known for bringing the “small plates” concept to American cuisine. Andres is a culinary innovator, chef, and scientist, as he seeks to make each dish its own distinct work of art by incorporating molecular gastronomy into…

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Per Se

By Tony Lagana / June 11, 2019

Per Se, New York City, NY (French) Chef: Thomas Keller Highly acclaimed chef, Thomas Keller believes that a great meal is not only about food and wine, but rather an emotional experience, and a journey. Thomas Keller is the winner of multiple James Beard Awards, and currently holds seven Michelin stars amongst his three restaurants;…

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Momofuku Ko

By Tony Lagana / June 10, 2019

Momofuku Ko, New York, NY (Asian) Chef: David Chang Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, Chef David Chang did not intend on pursuing a career in the culinary world, and majored in religious studies, and worked in Finance, before attending the French Culinary Institute in 2000. While in school, Chang worked in various Manhattan restaurants…

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