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Adaptogens & Products with a Bang

By Dawn Ferchak / March 16, 2021

Better than “Better-For-You” For years, the “health and wellness” movement has been influencing restaurant menus and grocery aisles. Many more product lines are looking to join the ‘with added health benefits’ club, and by creating a nutritional product (or one with a health halo) with the addition of adaptogens, they can do just that. Especially…

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The New “Noo” – Nootropics are a Trend to Watch

By Nadja Jauregui / March 11, 2021

Wellness in a Glass What if you could sip your way to better brain function and a sharper mind? That’s the claim of proponents of nootropics, a word that means “mind shapers.” Like the similarly trending adaptogens, nootropics have actually been around for centuries and you probably drink one of them every day—caffeine is a…

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vegeterian options

Plant-Based Movement

By Mary Kay LaBrie / March 9, 2021

Plant-Based Movement Expands Product Lines and Menus Only a short year or so ago, plant-based burgers became all the rage. You found the beef substitute popping up on restaurant and fast-food menus.  But according to Health and Wellness, plant-based beef, pork (in the form of sausage), bacon, chicken, and fish products are now in…

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Pivoting From Dine-in to Take Out

By Mary Kay LaBrie / March 3, 2021

COVID and the Traditional Restaurant Business Model With the onset of COVID, restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. In a recent article in the New York Post, almost half of the restaurants in New York City may end up closing their doors for good.  With a meager 25 percent of indoor seating capacity allowed these…

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variety of chili peppers

Keep Things Hot – Chili Peppers

By Dawn Ferchak / March 2, 2021

Pep Up Your Dishes Sweet or spicy, roasted or pickled, there is no doubt that chili peppers are an ingredient trend that plans to stick around. Some are mild and some are scorching, but all of them are versatile additions to nearly any dish, at any time of day. Many have been around for ages,…

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Cleanliness Matters

By Dawn Ferchak / February 25, 2021

The restaurant industry took a huge hit in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused shutdowns, layoffs, and massive changes in the restaurant world. Making necessary changes to keep staff and customers safe is vital, while also making service and cleanliness changes to maintain business during these strange days. Safety is the Top Priority For staff…

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asian diversity cooking

Race and Diversity in the Restaurant Industry

By Dawn Ferchak / February 25, 2021

Diversity has been a hot topic in 2020. The Black Lives Matter movement is a large part of it, but new strides have also driven more diversity to defeat racism. Creating more opportunities for people of color (POC) affects all aspects of the restaurant world, from the bottom to the top. Minority Opportunities Minority workers…

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restaurant technology

Restaurants and Technology

By Mary Kay LaBrie / February 23, 2021

COVID and New Technology As mentioned in a previous blog post, with the onset of COVID, restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. During the pandemic, technological advancements have helped many restaurants stay above water, while others were less willing to adapt or unable to for uncontrolled circumstances are sinking. Technology has allowed many restaurants not…

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ham and egg sandwhich

Tech Companies Challenge Third-Party Delivery Services

By Tony Lagana / February 18, 2021

Complicated Convenience As the restaurant industry is rapidly evolving with the new use of third-party delivery services, there are still some hiccups. Lack of communication, process, and transparency lead to such issues, such as inaccurate orders, misunderstood/misinterpreted dishes, and late delivery times. Another large issue caused directly by third-party services is absorbent rates, sometimes taking…

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craft beverage

Craft Beverages

By Dawn Ferchak / February 16, 2021

From local breweries to national chains, craft beers have been a popular menu item for several years. But craftsmanship in beverages is more than beer. From Mocktails to coffee and tea, craft beverages are trending. Consumers want more choices, with quality ingredients and delicious flavors. A Growing Trend Craft spirits have come to be synonymous…

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