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A Twist on Classics

By Tony Lagana / August 28, 2020

Standout Dishes and Flavor Concepts; what makes the best dish? In the restaurant business, there is this constant quest to create standout dishes that keep the customers coming back for more. Two notable restaurants seem to have “found the recipe” (pun intended) for creating the best chicken. Featured in September’s Media Spotlight, both start by…

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The Power of Snacks

By Tony Lagana / August 6, 2020

Return of the Snack “95% of US adults snack daily, and 70% do so 2+ times per day, making snacking a huge opportunity for connecting with consumers. The percentage of “super snackers” (those who snack 4+ times per day) is increasing, and the fact that busy lifestyles result in the skipping of meals (or replacing…

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Capitalizing on the Limited-Time Offer

By Tony Lagana / July 13, 2020

Limited time offers normally appear on national chain restaurant menus. You see them advertised on TV commercials all of the time. Whether it’s a shrimp sampler at a seafood chain or all you can eat pasta, these menus are often so popular that they are brought back once a year. And each year, customers expect…

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Classical Cooking Methods

By Tony Lagana / July 6, 2020

For those of us in the culinary field – whether owner, operator or chef – remaining current and competitive in our field must never come at the sacrifice of value or quality. Consider French and Italian cooking methods as a surefire way to ensure attention to detail and method. While some may consider these cuisines…

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Health and Eco-Conscious Restaurants Matter to Diners

By Tony Lagana / June 24, 2020

Healthy, better-for-you and functional foods have been trending for quite some time now and are expected to continue into the foreseeable future. As consumers grow more health-conscious and become increasingly more interested in flexitarian diets, they are eating less meat and consuming more fruits and vegetables than ever before. Additionally, consumers have concerns about sustainability,…

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Plant-Based Food

By Tony Lagana / June 22, 2020

It is quite apparent that the ‘Plant-Based Movement’ is not going away anytime soon and is not only going to be a longtime food trend, but a driving factor in the expansion of diverse dietary choices. Although, veganism and vegetarianism make up the smaller minority of diets, it has greatly impacted the way we view…

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The Rising of the Phoenix, Restaurants Rise from the Ashes of COVID-19

By Tony Lagana / June 17, 2020

Restrictions are Lifted As stay at home orders are lessening and our country is opening back up from the coronavirus, consumers are excited and cautious about getting back to visiting their favorite restaurants, retail stores, and friends. Dining out is rated as one of the top three occasions to look forward to, along with being…

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Budget-friendly Beverage Trends

By Tony Lagana / June 12, 2020

Finding Profit In Beverages Today, the beverage menu is expanding as coffee, botanical, and dessert-based drinks continue to grow and evolve. Perhaps one of our favorite parts of this beverage trend is the profitability that it brings. As consumers are seeking non-alcoholic mixed drinks to accompany their meals, and the ability to replace liquors with…

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The COVID-19 Virus, Survive and Thrive

By Tony Lagana / May 20, 2020

Our daily routines in America have changed radically as the COVID-19 pandemic has invaded our cities and towns. It seemed as if overnight our lives have been turned upside down. Every state has enacted some type of stay at home policy closing schools, non-essential businesses, restaurants, and bars. Social distancing has become the norm eliminating…

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The Keto-Friendly Kraze

By Tony Lagana / May 13, 2020

The ketogenic diet (keto) is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Outside of its use in medicine, the trend has caught on for those who want to lose weight. Consumers who follow a Keto diet…

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