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Innovation through Condiments and Sauces

By Tony Lagana / July 7, 2019

Plate Post Spices & Seasonings, especially Indian, African, and Latin, are rising in sales. Condiments and sauces are a given way to enhance foods and introduce new global flavors. Familiar comforting condiments such as mayonnaise and ketchup can soften bold new flavors making them not so intimidating to the newly inquisitive diner. Even on our…

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Ancient Grains Add New Life

By Tony Lagana / July 6, 2019

With today’s emphasis on the veg-centric movement and the demand for high protein foods, plant protein is recognized as a healthy way to eat. As diner’s love of ancient grains continues to evolve, it plays a vital role in the focus on plant protein. Today, they are closer than ever to becoming a mainstream ingredient.…

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Focus on Food Convenience

By Tony Lagana / July 4, 2019

“Convenience” and “fresh” now go hand in hand. Consumers are more strapped for time than ever before, making convenience the buzzword of the decade. In recent years, technology has developed apps for businesses like restaurants, meal delivery services, convenience stores, and supermarkets to create more opportunities to bring in consumers. Many of us working from…

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Expanding Coffee Trends

By Tony Lagana / July 3, 2019

Coffee beverage innovation is one of the top macro movements in the culinary world today. Coffee can be the focus on a beverage menu or play a supporting role in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage development. Cold-brew continues its rise to the top of the coffee world, with more and more chains featuring it on the…

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The Global Plate: New Ethnic Food Trends

By Tony Lagana / July 2, 2019

Americans are more than comfortable with ethnic food! In fact, they embrace new flavors, demand never-before-seen ingredients, and expect cultural infusions into classic dishes. Younger generations before us valued the familiar, but today millennials push the dining scene to offer more of the unique. Tradition has not been lost – it has been expanded. The…

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Breakfast Food Without Boundaries

By Tony Lagana / July 1, 2019

PALATE POST Breakfast Food Without Boundaries Breakfast food is the fastest-growing daypart in today’s everchanging culinary world. When choosing from convenience store grab-and-go’s, home delivery, and sit down meals, consumers gravitate towards new breakfast foods. Breakfast sandwiches range from the simple Egg McMuffin to Panera Bread’s healthy Avocado, Egg White and Spinach breakfast sandwich. Global…

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Cooking with Fire

By Tony Lagana / June 30, 2019

PALATE POST Cooking with Fire; Cooking over fire with different woods, charcoals, and other mediums have been engraved in our existence for millions of years. It is the common bond of all global cuisines. Chefs today are taking cooking with fire to the next level, enhancing our senses and sending them to new heights. Harvard…

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