Coi, San Francisco, CA (French)

Chicago native, Chef Erik Anderson, is new to Coi, having taken the Executive Chef position upon the recent resignation of Chef Matthew Kirkley. Chef Anderson brings an esteemed resume to Coi with years of experience in restaurants such as The French Laundry, Noma, and the Catbird Seat. Upon taking the role, Anderson worked side by side with Coi Owner, Daniel Patterson to create a new tasting menu that celebrates the restaurant’s history. 

Located in San Francisco, 2 Michelin Star, Coi provides a provocative Ten Course Tasting Menu that incorporates classic French techniques, local produce, and fresh ingredients. The ambience of Coi comes across as an understated luxury with its color palette of creams and whites, the star of the show is most definitely the cuisine. From the second you arrive to the second you leave; the service is unparalleled. You can expect to be greeted immediately, and the personable wait staff will cater to your every need. While the portion sizes may seem small and light at the start, rest assured that you will leave your dining experience at Coi, full. The Tasting Menu does change seasonally to take full advantage of the finest ingredients, and while all of the courses are exquisitely plated and full of flavor, there are definitely some standouts that you should hope will be on the menu when you dine. The Frozen Mandarin Sour with Mandarin Ice, Bitters, and Kumquat is the perfect way to start the tasting menu. This cool and refreshing course will prepare your palate for the remaining courses. No French tasting menu would be complete without a Caviar course, and Coi’s Kaluga Caviar with Crushed Tofu, Oyster, and Cucumber does not disappoint. A standout is by far the Black Cod Wrapped in Scallop Mousse. The Cod has a perfect smoky flavor, the Scallop perfectly cooked, and the fresh Herb sauce is the perfect complement in flavor and complexity. The wonderful thing about this tasting menu, is that each course truly does build upon and complement the one before it. You will be grateful for the smaller portions because that means there will be room for dessert! A Coi favorite is the Frozen Lime Marshmallow with Coal-Toasted Meringue. This dessert is balanced and complex, a palate cleanser, and the perfect way to end the evening. 

  • Two Michelin Stars


Phone: 415-393-9000

Tony Lagana

Chef Tony is a 42-year veteran of the food industry and is often known by his peers as “The New Product Guru.” Throughout his illustrious culinary career, he’s earned several notable titles and positions including Acquisition International’s “Most Influential Product Development Expert, U.S.” in 2019.

In 1997, Tony also founded Culinary Systems Inc., a group of culinary consultants that assist with culinary training, restaurant start-ups, concept development, and more. Since then, Tony and his team have generated over two billion dollars in sales for their clients in restaurants, retail, and manufacturing.

The strategic, technical, and culinary skills of Tony and his team can be seen on the menus of national chains, in the portfolio of national food manufacturers, and on the grocery shelves of products produced by major retail companies.