Fearrington House Restaurant

Fearrington House Restaurant, Pittsboro, NC (Eclectic)

Chef: Colin Bedford

Originally from England, Chef Colin Bedford has had a love of cooking since a young age. Fond memories of watching his mother bake in the kitchen, the smells of freshly prepared stew in the evening, and helping his father harvest the vegetables in their home garden, have prompted him to pursue his career in cooking and hospitality. After attending school for a major in Hospitality, Bedford spent time working in world-famous hotels and kitchens in England and Canada before coming to Fearrington House in 2005 as Executive Sous Chef. Since taking over as Executive Chef in 2008, he has ensured that the operations of not only the fine dining restaurant and the garden but all aspects of the Fearrington Village run seamlessly. Chef Bedford enjoys making comfort food best of all as he feels each dish evokes memories from everyone who eats it; his favorite being a Braised Short Rib with Buttery Mashed Potatoes.

Just eight miles outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Fearrington House Restaurant is located on the historic former Fearrington Homestead. Fearrington House is known as a blending of the old with the new, Southern hospitality and European Flair. It has been serving diners since 1980. Fearrington House offers a Seasonal Tasting Menu, Chef’s Tasting Menu, and Vegetarian Tasting Menu. The Seasonal Tasting menu changes with each season in order to take full advantage of the on-site vegetable and herb garden. When you arrive to the dining room at Fearrington House, the restaurant simply exudes a romantic environment. From the historical setting, to the dimly lit area with candles flickering, you immediately recognize that this will be a special meal. The Tasting Menu begins with a Smoked Beef Tartare with Egg Yolk. Continue with Chestnut Agnolotti with Celery Root and Dates, which pays homage to the fall season with only the freshest of ingredients. Perhaps the most favored dish is the Braised Beef with Seared Foie Gras and Carrots. Something about this dish will keep your taste buds popping as it bounces between sweet and savory with each bite. A trip to Fearrington House Restaurant would not be complete without the Valrhona Coeur de Guanaja Chocolate Souffle. This is one dish that does not regularly change with the season and tends to be a staple on the menu.,Truly decadent, this dessert will leave you wanting to come back to Fearrington House for more. For those interested, a wine pairing is available with each menu option.

  • Forbes, 5 Star Restaurant (2015)

Grand Chef, Relais & Chauteaux (2012)
Website: www.fearrington.com Phone 919-542-2121

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Tony Lagana

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