French, the Ultimate Comfort Food

The restaurant market is constantly evolving. Comfort food is always current. What cuisine does better comfort food than French?

When I think of French Cuisine, I think of Julia Child’s coq au vin recipe. Let’s face it – before Julia’s show hit the airwaves, most people thought of French Food as somewhat stuffy, served by white-jacketed waiters who barely cracked a smile. Julia came along and changed all of that.

Three French dishes that are in the “comfort food” category are Cassoulet, Daube and Pot-au-Feu. Originally from the Languedoc region of France, Cassoulet is a delicious combination of navy beans (or tarbais, a French bean) stewed with the chef’s choice of protein. Daube is a tradition from Provence. This dish combines meat, wine and vegetables and requires three days to prepare; one day to marinate, one day to cook and one day to rest. On the fourth day, you’re ready to eat. Pot-au-Feu is a French beef stew. The broth is typically served first as a soup course. The recipe consists of roast beef, sausages, and root vegetables.

How can you utilize these dishes on your restaurant menu? Winter is a great time to showcase root vegetables. Imagine a French wine-pairing dinner around Pot-au-Feu or Daube? You’re not only highlighting seasonal ingredients, but you’re capturing the essence of the season. You can imagine this concept working well in a ski lodge setting where patrons clamor for the table by the fireplace. Even in warm weather climates, this type of concept would work well around the holiday season.

-Measure Success: A great way to find out how successful French comfort food additions are going over on your menu is not by sales but by having your wait-staff talk to those who try the dishes.

-Let Them Know: If you get positive feedback from your patrons, add it to a special menu delivered by the wait-staff member along with your regular menu – promote the special on your website.

The next time you’re looking to add a bit of comfort food to your menu – consider adding these French Classics. And as Julia would always sign off – “Bon Appetit.”

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