Jungsik, New York, NY (Asian)

Chef: Jung Sik Yim

Born and raised in Korea, Chef Jung Sik Yim began cooking for the first time while in the military after being offered a Chef position purely out of necessity. He quickly discovered that while new, he was quite good and thoroughly enjoyed cooking. Later going on to study at the Culinary Institute of America to gain a formal culinary education, he then apprenticed at various Michelin Star restaurants in Spain and New York. In 2009 he opened his flagship restaurant, Jung Sik Dang where he served what he calls New Korean cuisine; a blending of traditional Korean dishes with a modern flair. Jung Sik Yim is the first chef to ever mix Korean food with molecular gastronomy and has since evolved his method in the kitchen to offer simple plating, flavors, and textures.

Located in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, Jungsik opened in 2011 and is the first truly modern Korean restaurant ever to open in New York City. When you enter Jungsik you are immediately hit with the modern yet luxurious ambiance, from starched white tablecloths, white china, and white upholstered seating, wood paneled and textured walls, and complete with fresh orchids on each table. Jungsik offers both a seasonally changing Tasting Menu as well as their traditional Signature nine-course Tasting Menu. For those desiring a different experience, Junsik also offers a Dessert Tasting Menu consisting of five dessert courses only. For each menu option, wine pairings are available, or guests are welcome to order from Jungsik’s expansive 48-page wine list. The Signature Tasting Menu begins on a high note with Osetra Caviar followed by Foie Gras Mandoo which is served with Wagyu in a fantastic, simply flavored broth. The Octopus is served with Gochujang and is cooked to a tender perfection. The Tuna Kimbap is another delicious course that offers corresponding textures with the Seaweed Wrap and Tuna. While four dessert courses are offered as part of the menu, the highlight is the Baby Banana. Plated uniquely to look like an actual banana, the dish consists of Banana Bailey’s Cake and Ganache. All dishes are expertly prepared to perfection and plated in a playful yet simple manner that leaves each plate looking like a work of art on its own. No matter what menu option you opt for, you can expect a truly memorable experience when dining at Jungsik.

  • Two Michelin Stars, 2018
  • Wine Spectator, Best of Award of Excellence, 2018

Website: www.jungsik.com

Phone: (212) 219-0900

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Tony Lagana

Chef Tony is a 42-year veteran of the food industry and is often known by his peers as “The New Product Guru.” Throughout his illustrious culinary career, he’s earned several notable titles and positions including Acquisition International’s “Most Influential Product Development Expert, U.S.” in 2019.

In 1997, Tony also founded Culinary Systems Inc., a group of culinary consultants that assist with culinary training, restaurant start-ups, concept development, and more. Since then, Tony and his team have generated over two billion dollars in sales for their clients in restaurants, retail, and manufacturing.

The strategic, technical, and culinary skills of Tony and his team can be seen on the menus of national chains, in the portfolio of national food manufacturers, and on the grocery shelves of products produced by major retail companies.