Kombucha Takes Flight!

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Kombucha Takes Flight!

Kombucha entered the mainstream, appearing on grocery shelves and restaurant menus across the country. Some of us thought it was simply a craze that would come and go. Maybe it was a health trend with its low calories and probiotics. With fermentation being on-trend, maybe it was just another fermented food. Refreshingly, this fermented tea is so much more! Kombucha has grown in prevalence on the menu by 226%.

Taking Flight

Kombucha teas are set to mirror the trends that work! One of those trends is craft beers. Craft breweries focus on specialty ingredients and igniting the senses. With each unique ingredient comes a very different taste. Because of this, beer flights are high-sellers, giving the customer the full craft experience. Kombucha is set to excel as a sampler as well! This drink can carry the craft label, with unique infusions and flavors. And just as people have started to brew their own beers, others are making their own kombucha. Consider offering unique flights to your patrons!

Trend-Savvy Sales

For those who aren’t ready to keep multiple kombuchas on hand, we look closer at a few of our Menu Innovator® trends that work well with this tea. We note that the terms “house made”, “seasonal”, and “local” carry a high value to the consumer. Consider carrying a house made kombucha. Sourcing ingredients locally creates the opportunity to change flavors with the season. Just as seasonal specials excel on the menu, so can seasonal kombucha.

Eat well.

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