Per Se

Per Se, New York City, NY (French)

Chef: Thomas Keller

Highly acclaimed chef, Thomas Keller believes that a great meal is not only about food and wine, but rather an emotional experience, and a journey. Thomas Keller is the winner of multiple James Beard Awards, and currently holds seven Michelin stars amongst his three restaurants; Per Se, French Laundry, and Bouchon.

Located in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, Per Se provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere with spectacular views overlooking Central Park. Per Se does not offer a standard menu, but rather allows guests to choose from a luxe, fixed price daily Nine Course Chef’s Tasting Menu or a Nine Course Vegetable Tasting Menu. These menus are set apart by the guarantee that no single ingredient will ever be repeated throughout a meal. While the menus are ever-changing with the day, favorites such as the Oysters and Pearls, Lamb, and White Truffle Pasta allow guests to experience the classic French technique Keller is widely known for, the finest quality ingredients available, a robust, award-winning wine list, and impeccable service. Zagat; Top 50 Restaurants in New York for 2017

  • Wine Spectator’s Grand Award since 2013
  • Three Star Michelin rating since 2006


Phone: (212) 823-9335

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Tony Lagana

Chef Tony is a 42-year veteran of the food industry and is often known by his peers as “The New Product Guru.” Throughout his illustrious culinary career, he’s earned several notable titles and positions including Acquisition International’s “Most Influential Product Development Expert, U.S.” in 2019.

In 1997, Tony also founded Culinary Systems Inc., a group of culinary consultants that assist with culinary training, restaurant start-ups, concept development, and more. Since then, Tony and his team have generated over two billion dollars in sales for their clients in restaurants, retail, and manufacturing.

The strategic, technical, and culinary skills of Tony and his team can be seen on the menus of national chains, in the portfolio of national food manufacturers, and on the grocery shelves of products produced by major retail companies.