Private Dining Gains Public Interest

Setting the Stage

Private-dining and catering is a growth sector in the food-service industry, with the promise of more progress in 2020. Restaurants are already testing different structuring/designing buildings, allowing space for events and private parties while also maintaining a comfortable dining room. Dallas and Tampa’s Ocean Prime kitchens are already equipped with new, interactive food stations that allow guests to mingle. Chefs and marketing teams are also working together to create trend-savvy menus that accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions and give chefs creative trust to create memorable and unique menu items.

Private Dining Gets Personal

According to Catersource, catering and private dining reached $67.8 billion in 2018. With $15.8 billion from restaurant private dining, $14.4 billion from quick-serve retail and supermarket catering, and $13.8 billion from casino and hotel banquet operations. Vice President Mitch Miller for Ocean Prime says that they have recently remodeled restaurants to add more space, “All of our locations have intimate spaces. We like to get as much intimacy into the space as possible.”. Paul Nance, director of Imagine One Hospitality, works developing portfolios of the restaurant, event, and entertainment spaces, says, “As we continue to offer private-dining spaces, develop catering and host special events, the focus is on a personalized experience for the guest. Private dining and catering offer the guest a taste of the personal chef experience with customizable menus that accommodate dietary restrictions along with specific details related to the type of event.”. Another factor is attention to detail; the organization is important and key to successfully running a positively memorable operation.

Rearrange for Potential Change

With more diners looking to book secluded events, restaurants can use this opportunity to experiment with their restaurant’s interior space and utilize their chef’s creativity to advertise unique “private-dining” items. Events also drive traffic and are also the perfect testing grounds for new menu items. Dining, catering, and events are piquing the public’s interest, and restaurants are eager to set the stage for the new “unique dining experience.”

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