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The Culinary Oracle for New Successful Food Ideas

Menu Innovator’s patented algorithms select the most impactful chefs and restaurants of today who determine what we will be eating tomorrow.

Menu Innovator provides a menu essentials tool kit and timeline so you know what must-haves are coming next and exactly when to implement them.

Our founder, Chef Tony, is a 42-year veteran of the food industry and is often known by his peers as “The New Product Guru.”

Technology You Can Eat.

Menu Innovator’s data post has every menu item and ingredient and tracks what they all have in common, ensuring a successful combination every time.

Menu Innovator condenses down 20 hours of reading into 20 minutes to deliver you the most information in the least amount of time.

Our patented database tracks and analyzes every menu item, ingredient, and even preparation method to highlight the most popular and profitable menu items.

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We had become stagnant in our product development effort, and our idea-generating process was not generating any new ideas. That's when we found Tony and his team. We currently have several products in advanced development that are a direct result of [Menu Innovator]’s involvement. I know we will be working with Tony and his team in the future.

Brian G.

Director of Research & Development, Quaker Oats Company

I can always rely on Menu Innvator, led by Tony Lagana and his team of culinary professionals, to deliver innovative, customer-correct products that exceed everyone’s expectations. Fast commercialization is our goal and they get us there.

Tom T.

Vice President, Nestlé Food Service

We asked Tony Lagana [and his team] to design our new proprietary panini sandwich line. Those recipes are now generating profits well in excess of plan for our cafe group. We will use Tony again!

Ted B.

Vice President, Barnes & Noble Cafes
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What Makes Menu Innovator Different?

Menu Innovator accurately predicts market trends to help restaurants in any style of cuisine create impactful, successful new dishes.

With Menu Innovator, you can painlessly and efficiently craft a menu full of fan-favorites that’s ahead of the trend curve.

Menu Innovator provides unbiased culinary data to innovate new food strategies, setting the stage for widespread sustained success.

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