Tech Companies Challenge Third-Party Delivery Services

Complicated Convenience

As the restaurant industry is rapidly evolving with the new use of third-party delivery services, there are still some hiccups. Lack of communication, process, and transparency lead to such issues, such as inaccurate orders, misunderstood/misinterpreted dishes, and late delivery times. Another large issue caused directly by third-party services is absorbent rates, sometimes taking up to 30% of sales, and withholding customer data. A few tech companies recognize these issues and create new platforms for restaurants to express their brand identity, with creative control over their image, lower costs, and sharing customer data.

Better, Faster, Stronger

According to a study done by Zion & Zion, 1,084, 24.4% of delivery services were inaccurate. Restaurants receive penalization for the third-party’s mistakes. That can drastically change the future outcome of orders, as well as blaming the restaurant. CEO of Zion & Zion, Aric Zion, says, “To fix this, delivery app companies need to provide more transparency into the process of how an order gets processed. If consumers knew which party performed each function, then they would be more likely to blame the responsible party”. Another company focused on perfecting this sort of platform and supporting restaurants since 2013 is BentoBox. Bento box incurs an affordable flat rate of .99 that either the restaurant or customer can pay. They also find strategies to drive traffic to the restaurants with their platform, using customer data, promotions, and coupons.

The Future is Online

By adopting an online presence, companies gain a lot of possibilities and a responsibility to utilize their presence. Some advantages to take are online deals and coupons, further using customer data to traffic your brand. Some of these tools might still be a bit rough around the edges. Tech companies are competitive in nature and are fighting for a more freeing and autonomous relationship with their clients.

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