Momofuku Ko

Momofuku Ko, New York, NY (Asian)

Chef: David Chang

Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, Chef David Chang did not intend on pursuing a career in the culinary world, and majored in religious studies, and worked in Finance, before attending the French Culinary Institute in 2000. While in school, Chang worked in various Manhattan restaurants before moving to Japan to work in various noodle houses. When he returned to the United States, he worked for a short time at Café Boulud before deciding that the fine dining scene was not for him. Referred to as the “bad boy” of the culinary scene, Chang is known for helping to increase the popularity of modern Asian cuisine.

Opened in 2008, Momofuku Ko serves food guided by the Japanese kaiseki tradition, which is a term referring to a multi course Japanese meal. Ko also strives to create dishes that focus on sustainability, that will surprise all those who dine. Momofuku Ko consists of both a dining room and bar. Guests choosing to dine in the dining room will be seated around a counter that wraps around an open kitchen and will enjoy a tasting menu of anywhere between 12 to 15 dishes, while watching the chefs work their magic. Those who choose to dine at the bar, will be seated on a first come first serve basis, and can choose between a menu of A La Carte dishes and an expansive cocktail menu. The bar was initially created as a “playground” for the chefs to test out their potential dishes for the tasting menu. When experiencing the tasting menu, you will enjoy dishes that are fun and playful, as well as delicious. Expect to be wowed by the creative take on a lobster roll, that showcases the freshness and deliciousness of the lobster, the poached egg, caviar, and potato chips. Shaped like the egg is Pac Man eating the caviar. The dessert ending of the Orange Mandarin Tart with Romano Cheese is a wonderful combination that allows the ingredients to truly play off one another. Dining at the bar allows you to experience Momofuku Ko without the formality of the tasting menu. Be sure to try the Pickle Sandwich which is one of the simplest yet tasty items on the menu. The Cold Fried Chicken cannot be beat! Fried in Ko’s own special mixture and topped with a sweet glaze, the chicken is tender and delicious. Make sure you end your evening with the Japanese Cheesecake, this dessert, covered in a maple syrup topping will leave you thinking about it for days to come.

  • 2 Michelin Stars, 2009 – Present
  • New York Times, 3 Stars (2015)


Phone: (212) 203-8095

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Tony Lagana

Chef Tony is a 42-year veteran of the food industry and is often known by his peers as “The New Product Guru.” Throughout his illustrious culinary career, he’s earned several notable titles and positions including Acquisition International’s “Most Influential Product Development Expert, U.S.” in 2019.

In 1997, Tony also founded Culinary Systems Inc., a group of culinary consultants that assist with culinary training, restaurant start-ups, concept development, and more. Since then, Tony and his team have generated over two billion dollars in sales for their clients in restaurants, retail, and manufacturing.

The strategic, technical, and culinary skills of Tony and his team can be seen on the menus of national chains, in the portfolio of national food manufacturers, and on the grocery shelves of products produced by major retail companies.