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plant based diet

Meatless Goes Mainstream

By Tony Lagana / January 21, 2021

The rise of the ‘wellness movement’ is leading the way for all new sorts of diets and health concerns. Making a meal with dietary restrictions can pose a challenge when trying to replace ingredients with a standard substitute or making a dish that excludes a major food group. Chefs are reimagining dishes with dietary restrictions,…

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french cuisine

Melisse, Los Angeles, CA (French)

By Tony Lagana / January 20, 2021

As a California native, Chef Josiah Citrin developed a love of food at an early age from his caterer mother and French grandmother. After graduating High School, Citrin moved to Paris for a few years to study traditional French cuisine and techniques. During this time he gained a true appreciation for fine dining.  Upon returning…

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southern food

Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL (Southern)

By Tony Lagana / January 18, 2021

Southern food has always been in Chef Chris Hastings blood. Even as a boy in North and South Carolina, while catching and preparing fresh fish on family vacations, his love of southern cuisine and the culinary arts was strengthening. After spending a few years in Atlanta and San Francisco as Sous Chef for various restaurants,…

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Frontera Grill, Chicago, IL (Latin)

By Mary Kay LaBrie / January 16, 2021

Growing up in Oklahoma with a family of restaurateurs and grocers, Chef Rick Bayless was no stranger to the culinary world as a child. During his college years, he studied Spanish and Latin Cultures, and during this time, his love of Latin Cuisine broadened. During the 80’s, he lived in Mexico while writing his first…

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kids menu

Kids Menus Take On a New Focus

By Susanne Bukey / January 13, 2021

It’s All About the Kids Kids’ meals are more important than ever for parents and restaurant operators alike. For restaurants, getting families with children at the door is a way to grow revenue.   In this multi-cultural society, parents are concerned about the nutritional health of their children. Offering a wider variety of healthy and varied…

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Emeril’s, New Orleans, LA (Southern)

By Mary Kay LaBrie / January 13, 2021

Famed chef, Emeril Lagasse, has appeared on multiple television shows, written numerous cookbooks, and opened many successful restaurants since his appearance on the culinary scene as the Executive Chef of Commander’s Palace in 1982. Lagasse’s style of cooking is nicknamed “New New Orleans” as it utilizes local Louisiana ingredients to influence his own version of…

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Delmonico, Las Vegas, NV (Steakhouse)

By Mary Kay LaBrie / January 11, 2021

Emeril Lagasse is well known for his numerous successful restaurants, television shows and cookbooks. Delmonico Las Vegas is a prime example of Chef Emeril’s skill as it is the perfect combination of classic steakhouse with his own Creole inspired twist and illustrates further how Chef Lagasse has firmly rooted himself in the culinary scene as…

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wolfgang puck

Cut Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV (Steakhouse)

By Tony Lagana / January 9, 2021

Born in Carinthia, Austria, Chef Wolfgang Puck learned to love cooking from a very young age from his mother who was a successful pastry chef. He completed his training in Monaco and moved to the United States at the age of 24, working at La Tour in Indianapolis before moving to Los Angeles, where he…

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indian food

Indian Cooking: New generation, New Expectations

By Tony Lagana / January 7, 2021

Breaking out the Box A simple Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken isn’t going to cut it anymore for the average consumer. Many people have tried Indian food and leave with the expectation of knowing what always to expect when getting Indian food instead of searching for new restaurants with more innovative menus. Most Indian restaurants…

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french cuisine

Café Boulud, Palm Beach, Florida (French)

By Tony Lagana / January 6, 2021

Originally from Lyon, France, Chef Daniel Boulud has become a leading American Chef and Restaurateur, with multiple restaurants in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Palm Beach, Miami, Toronto, London, Montreal, and Singapore. Boulud began working in the culinary industry in his early teens, became skilled in classic French techniques, and originally came to the U.S.…

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