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Vetri Cucina, Philadelphia, PA (Italian)

By Tony Lagana / September 23, 2021

Chef Marc Vetri spent many of the early years of his culinary career working in Bergamo, Italy alongside the most respected chefs in that area of Europe. It was during his time in Italy that Chef Vetri perfected his craft of rustic, classic Italian dishes. He took this love of Italian cuisine back to his…

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Smyth, Chicago, IL (Eclectic)

By Tony Lagana / September 16, 2021

Chefs John and Karen Shields originally met while pursuing their individual culinary passions working for the renowned Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago where John was Sous Chef and Karen was Pastry Chef. The husband and wife team later took an opportunity to move to Virginia to redesign the Town House Restaurant that soon became world-renowned for imaginative…

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The Rise of Truffle Condiments and Seasonings

By Tony Lagana / September 13, 2021

The price of actual truffles is extravagant. With Italian white truffles often exceeding $200 per ounce and even the less-expensive black truffles still costing more than $20 per ounce, the actual fungi are out of the range of most people’s dining budgets. But that hasn’t affected people wanting that unique, luxurious flavor. Now, thanks to…

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Next, Chicago, IL (American)

By Tony Lagana / September 9, 2021

Chef Achatz’s career began working in his own parent’s restaurants in St. Clair, Michigan. Shortly after,  he enrolled in The Culinary Institute of America and found himself graduating with a position at Charlie  Trotters. After working through many acclaimed restaurants, Achatz landed at The French Laundry as the sous chef for 4 years. After his…

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healthy food

Healthy Food Fast

By Mary Kay LaBrie / September 6, 2021

Dieting on the Back Burner? Many people have gained weight or have put their diets/health on the back burner since the pandemic began, but since things are steadily going back to normal, many people are trying to compensate for their yearlong cheat day by eating healthy food. Some people have been able to get back…

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Neptune Oyster Bar, Boston, MA (Seafood)

By Tony Lagana / September 2, 2021

Florida native, Chef Eric Frier had a love of food from a young age but did not immediately pursue a  career in the culinary industry. After attending college, Chef Frier decided to pursue a culinary program. He set out to learn all he could about the craft. Following that, he came to Boston in 2010…

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Think Global. Source Local.

By Dawn Ferchak / August 30, 2021

One of the most important restaurant trends is the move toward eco-consciousness. With Millenials and Gen Z moving toward their prime consumer years, it’s vital to be aware of their wants and needs. And one of the most important things that they want is eco-consciousness in the local businesses they frequent. Being environmentally conscious is…

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Aubergine at L’Auberge Carmel, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA (Seafood)

By Tony Lagana / August 26, 2021

Chicago native, Chef Justin Cogley, traveled the world as a professional ice skater before settling into his chef position. During his time touring with ‘Disney on Ice’, Chef Cogley was exposed to new flavors and cuisines as well as a myriad of food markets and international techniques. Upon his return, he enrolled at the Western…

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handheld food

Food Industry Trend: Highlighting Handheld Foods

By Susanne Bukey / August 23, 2021

Handheld foods remain engraved in the palates of every culture from any age, and in every meal period. They have become a vessel for trying new taste combinations, global flavors, preparation techniques, and just about any other food industry trend. Today, With the pandemic causing dining rooms to shut down, many chefs are turning their…

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Erizo, Portland, OR (Seafood)

By Tony Lagana / August 19, 2021

Chef Jacob Harth has made it his mission to tackle the world’s seafood sustainability. As a young chef,  Harth set out to understand where the seafood for many restaurants was coming from. He took the education he learned from the fishermen to open his own seafood restaurant, Erizo, in 2019. Erizo does things a bit…

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